Feb 3, 2011

Avent SCF663/47 Extra Durable Feeding Bottles 4 pack 260ml -9oz

Avent SCF663/47 Extra Durable Feeding Bottles 4 pack 260ml -9oz

These bottles are made from PES, a material which has a honey coloured tint

Clinically proven anti-coolic action

The built in anti-colic valve allows air to flow into the bottle instead of your baby's tummy for better digestion.

Helps settle your baby, especially at night

Supports breastfeeding

Teat design promotes easy latch on and teat acceptance by baby.

Unique skirt on Philips AVENT teat flexes to your baby's natural feeding rhythm. Milk will only flow at the pace chosen by baby for more comfort.

Super soft silicone teat for a more natural feed.

Set includes 4 bottles, newborn teat, ring & cap.

PRICE : RM 160 (Retail RM 2++)
POSTAGE : RM 5 nationwide

Pre-loved Avent Philips Manual Breastpump

Price : RM 89 only
Postage : FREE nationwide

+Used for a couple of times only
+Brand New 5 Oz PES honey tinted bottle (unused)
+FREE 1 set of Avent Philips breastpads
+User manual included

Was : RM 140 (Retail NEW RM 260)
NOW : RM 111 (21% LESS)
Postage : Included

NEW Philips Avent Starter Set Newborn

Philips Avent Starter Set Newborn Bottle Kit PBA FREE

As babyIt's the air babies swallow during feeding that can cause painful colic. Listen for the gentle whistling sound as your baby feeds. That's your guarantee air is going into the bottle and not into your baby's tummy.
The AVENT Feeding Bottle uses the unique AVENT Teat with its patented anti-vacuum skirt which prevents the swallowing of air and reduces the risk of colic. Suitable from Newborn.

Set inclusive of:

2 x 125ml bottles WITH 2 TEATS SIZE 1
2 x 260ml bottles WITH 2 TEATS SIZE 2
2 x extra soft newborn teats SIZE 1
1 x Teat Brush
1 x newborn soother

PRICE : RM 160 ONLY (Retail RM 2++)
Postage : RM 5 nationwide

*Wholesale price is also available for quantity more than 5 units.
*E-mail me if interested, thanks;)

Pre-loved Baby Bjorn ACTIVE

Mint Condition BabyBjorn ACTIVE

PRICE : RM 390 (Retail New RM 6++)
POSTAGE : FREE nationwide
QTY : 1 only